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Hi, I'm Pablo Wunderlich, a video game composer and sound designer passionate about all things game audio. I love the implementation process and really enjoy bringing to life the sounds for a game.

Whether its musical composition, sound design, implementation, or all of the above, I thrive in a team-setting to bring forth a vision to the sonic landscape. I love coffee, am an involved dad, and enjoy exploring the sounds of the universe through video games.

Let’s make something amazing together.

  • Sonic Skills and Composition
    Recording Foley and other sounds, processing them,
    mixing and mastering sounds.
  • Sonic Skills and Composition
    Mixing and Mastering Engineer graduated from Mixing
    And Mastering Academy (MAAT).
  • Sonic Skills and Composition
    Analog instruments: Moog One
  • Sonic Skills and Composition
    Stringed instruments: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
  • Technical Sound Design
    Audio Middleware: FMOD/Wwise
  • Software Skills
    Nuendo DAW, Reaper DAW, WaveLab Mastering Suite
    Spectral Layers, FMOD, Davinci Resolve
  • Software Skills
    Coding languages: C#, GDScripts, Blueprints
  • Software Skills
    Source Control: GitHub and GitLab
  • Game Engines :
    Unreal, Unity, Godot and RPG Maker.
  • September 2022 -Present
    ThinkSpace Education, Chichester — MFA Game Audio and Sound Design
  • July 2023 - Present
    School of VideoGame Audio
  • September 2021-July 2022
    Mixing and Mastering Academy, Germany — Mixing and Mastering Engineer.

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