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The key to success was mastering the art of stealth and timing. Sneak through rooms, knock over carefully stacked objects without alerting the shopkeepers, and vanish into the shadows before anyone could get a good look at you. Challenges awaited at every turn, from navigating narrow alleys without being seen to outsmarting the craftiest of pursuers.

Bunny Buster

A bear engineer has been working on new inventions for years, but his schematics were stolen by a mischievous scientist bunny. The bunny used the inventions to alter peace around the world, creating chaos and destruction. The engineer was determined to stop the bunny and reclaim his inventions. He is set out on a mission to battle each of his own inventions, which were being driven by the bunny himself.

This game was made in one month for the Boss Rush Jam 2023.

Godot Audio Project

This mini game was created thanks to Your First 2D Game from the Godot Engine tutorial found on The audio was created by and implemented with code to make the audio as interactive as possible bringing out the immersion of this small game. It's a demo project for audio demonstration capabilities. Please visit for more information.

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Lost Striders

Amidst the desolation, a lone figure trudged through the wasteland with a loyal companion by their side – a dog, the only living being that had stuck with them through thick and thin. The bond between human and canine was a testament to the enduring strength of companionship in the face of overwhelming adversity.

This game was won 1st place in Broken Inside Jam 2023.

A Sunny Day at Vampireville

Use WASD and L click to lead the vampire to feed from prey and run away from the sun. A fine balance between feeding and avoiding the light. This endless runner will put to the test your skills to feed and avoid the light at the same time.

Cryo Cavalry

Cryo Cavalry is a platform where you play as a knight whose horse was stolen by an evil wizard. Use WASD and R click to destroy your enemies. Find the keys and power-ups to face the final boss and save your horse!

Bismar's Quest

Bismar is a tiny scale who believes he's defective, stuck in a massive factory where he must escape. Join him on his quest and help him find the exit! Use Space to jump, WASD to move, collect 25 ingots to progress to the next level!

Kamukchi: Heros of My Journey

A Journey-like adventure game where you roleplay as Kamuy - A young boy who escaped from the wolves, but must return there to save who he loves.

The Chronicles of Squiddick

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